Trouillebert, Paul Désiré ( French)- Oil on wood panel
Trouillebert, Paul Désiré ( French)- Oil on wood panel
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Trouillebert, Paul Désiré ( French)- Oil on wood panel

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Artist: Paul-Désiré Trouillebert (French 1829 - 1900)

Work and size: Oil on wood panel, signed lower left Trouillebert Oil on wood panel, signed on lower left Trouillebert Dimensions: 12 "x 14 1/2"

Artist bio: Paul-Désiré Trouillebert was born in Paris in 1829. He is best known for his beautiful landscapes in the Barbizon style, however he also painted portraits, nudes, and experimented with Orientalism.

Trouillebert trained under Auguste Antoine Ernest Hébert (1817-1908), an artist who explored diverse subject matter including portraits, mythology, and the Roman countryside. Trouillebert first exhibited at the Salon in 1865 with a portrait, not showing his first landscape there until 1869. He continued showing at the salon until 1884 consistently garnering rave reviews.Once exposed to the work of Jean Baptiste-Camille Corot (an older artist though still working in Trouillebert’s lifetime) Trouillebert took particular interest his work and immersed himself in the other artist’s techniques. He focused more on landscape painting and began painting en plein-air. Though his work became more and more associated with the Barbizon school, Trouillebert was a diverse artist who never confined himself to a particular genre. Many of his paintings did however resemble that of Corot and his work was often mistaken for Corot’s throughout Trouillebert’s life. Today examples of Trouillebert’s work can be found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Hermitage Museum, Musèe des Beaux-Arts in Nice, Museé D’Orsay, and the Cleveland Museum of Art.