Burliuk, David (Ukranian/ American) - "Impressionistie with Pallet Knife "
Burliuk, David (Ukranian/ American) - "Impressionistie with Pallet Knife "
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Burliuk, David (Ukranian/ American) - "Impressionistie with Pallet Knife "

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Artist:  David Burliuk,  (Ukranian/ American1882 – 1967)

Work and size: "Impressionistie with Pallet Knife" Measures 23 1/4″ high x 27 1/4″ wide including frame

Artist bio: David Davidovich Burliuk (July 1882 – 15 January 1967) was a Ukrainian Futurist, Neo-Primitivist, book illustrator, publicist, and author associated with Russian Futurism. Burliuk is often described as “the father of Russian Futurism.”

Burliuk’s art and life after his tumultuous early period would take him to many and varied places. During the revolutionary years 1917-1920, he traveled to Siberia, where he gave Futurist concerts and sold his art. From 1920 to 1922 he spent time in Japan painting, organizing exhibitions, and promoting Futurism. In 1922, Burliuk arrived in the United States, settling first in New York City, where he lived from 1922 to 1941, and then in Hampton Bays, Long Island (1941-1967).

In 1945 an exhibit was mounted at Irving Place Theater in New York City.

David Burliuk died on Long Island in 1967. That same year he was honored posthumously by being inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters.