Guy, Bracha- "Beautiful young women" Oil painting
Guy, Bracha- "Beautiful young women" Oil painting
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Guy, Bracha- "Beautiful young women" Oil painting

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Artist: Bracha Guy (born. 1948)

Work and size: Beautiful young women.  Excellent gallery sized oil painting by Israeli artist Bracha Guy. It depicts a beautiful young women surrounded by a candelabra, floral bouquet and eucalyptus style trees done in a modernist style. 35 1/4" H x 27 1/4" W

Artist bio: Bracha Guy is an artist whose creative impulse is rarely at rest. She is continually seeking new means of expression and unusual contextual combinations and forms.

Throughout her work, certain characteristics and motifs recur: a rich palette, ornamentation with a pronounced Eastern nuance, and the figure of a woman. That woman embodies beauty, happiness, sensuality and fertility, a renewal of life, the eternal recurrence and rhythmic flow of the universe. With strong hues of red, green, turquoise and gold; combining ancient and modern cultures, Bracha Guy creates a festive atmosphere, reflecting her optimism about life. The ornateness of her paintings, with their abundant convolutions, generates a warm atmosphere of cushioning and flattering charm. Contemplating her works, the spectator is enthusiastically and movingly drawn into the beauty of the astonishing world mirrored there.

Instead of a calculated plan, Guy’s works are a release of feelings through color and form. She does not paint from sketches, rather, from the moment she holds a brush in her hand, color takes charge.