Quellier, André  -" LES CHEVAUX DE MARLY" Oil on panel
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Quellier, André -" LES CHEVAUX DE MARLY" Oil on panel

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Artist: André Quellier (1925-2018)

Work and size: LES CHEVAUX DE MARLY Oil on panel signed lower right. 73 x 60

Artist bio:André Quellier was born on January 3, 1925. attended the National School of Fine Arts in 1941 for classical training under the guidance of Professors Dupas and Heuze.

At the young age of 20, he won his first award, ‘Institute Award’. At the age of 22 he designed the sets for the ballets Katherine Dunham. In 1951, he was illustrator to Maisonneuve editions, then a New York publication.
Price Casa Velasquez, obtained in 1955, allowed the artist to become a resident of the famous Madrid institution.  His interest in the performing arts led him to perform in 1961, 110 paintings devoted to the poetic universe of mime. Exposure in 1967 in Paris to discover the famous portraits became Marcel Marceau.
Quellier also exerted his talent by painting a portrait of Jean Cocteau (1960), the writer Marcel Jouhandeau (1967), Brigitte Bardot (1983) and Gérard Philippe (1989).
Portraits, landscapes and still life subjects are the preferred subject matter of the paintings by André Quellier.
By the late 1960’s his paintings were exhibited in Japan, New York, London, and later in Moscow, Leningrad and Tehran.
From 1974 to 1981, Quellier organized themed exhibitions in the Chapel of the Penitents Ramatuelle. At that time, he developed this sacred space for an ambitious mural depicting the Nativity and the Four Seasons, wood paintings presented in 1987 at the Taylor Foundation.  In 1991, André Quellier began illustrating the fables of La Fontaine, from the engraved drawings by Jean-Baptiste Oudry. At the instigation of Professor Henri de Lumley, these 276 paintings were presented in October 1995 to the Museum of Natural History in Paris.
André Quellier died on March 16, 2010.